New Xiaomi RedmiBook 14, filtered its most important features

It seems pretty clear that Xiaomi He has the idea of ​​boosting the range Redmi With a good quantity and type of products available in it. One of those that already exist, specifically since May, are the laptops and, from what has just been known, a new model will be launched shortly with improvements that are interesting. We show the most important.

For what has been officially announced on the Weibo social network, there will be a new Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 before the end of this August. And, inside, there will be really interesting surprises, such as in regards to the processor that integrate the equipment. Thus, the CPU use be one of tenth generation of Intel, so there is an important leap from the model that uses the first generation of the laptops of the Asian company since this used eighth generation models. Now it remains to be seen if the component manufacturing technology is of 10 or 14 nanometers (Ice Lake or Comet Lake). The case is that the power will be quite superior and also the passive dissipation capacity for Core i5 or Core i7 that will go on sale.

New RedmiBook 14, a very complete, economical and lightweight notebook

Regarding the integrated screen, and taking into account that new RedmiBook is made of aluminum, the integrated panel was IPS type with dimensions of 14 inch as the name of the laptop itself indicates. The resolution that will have to be Full HD and everything points to having a frontal utilization of over 80%, which ensures very small frames. By the way, that storage be kind SSD; how can it be otherwise, and the options will be 256 and 512 GB, so there will be possibilities for all tastes.

Some more details that are expected of the new Xiaomi RedmiBook 14

One of them is that, surprisingly, there will only be one option in the amount of RAM built into the computer to use Windows 10 operating system. So, 8 GB is the choice of the Asian company, which is pretty good, but it would not hurt that there was any possibility of getting the new laptop with sixteen gigas, for example. By the way, which departs from the graphics integrated in the Intel processor, the computer will have a dedicated NVIDIA, which all points to seeing a model GeForce MX250, so you can play a good amount of titles with quite good quality.

New announcement poster Xiaomi RedmiBook 14

In connectivity there will be no absence, since both WiFi as Bluetooth will be present (the latter allow access to the equipment with a bracelet of the Mi Band range) and, also, missing headphone jack or HDMI Therefore, the new Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 be quite complete.

Availability and price of the new Xiaomi laptop

This computer will be presented next day August 29, together with the new Redmi Note 8 and the Smart TV of this brand, so that it will soon be available for purchase (probably first in China and, later, in other regions). Due to the advance in integrated hardware, it is normal for this model to be more expensive than the one it replaces in the market, so it will exceed 700 euros to change.

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