Chromecast first generation is no longer updated

One of the best gadgets, which should not be missing in any home, is the Chromecast. This Google dongle allows us to transmit any content from our phone to any compatible device, such as a Smart TV. Not to mention the large number of hidden functions that it has. Although, if you have the first version, it may be time to retire.

And, although it may not seem like it, the first version of Chromecast It was introduced in 2013. Yes, it has been six long years since the giant based in Mountain View surprised us with this peripheral to transmit the content of any phone to a Smart TV.

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Later, two new versions of Chromecast arrived. The second model launched in 2015, and a third version in 2018. Well, it seems that you will have to consider updating your gadget, if you have the first generation.

Chromecast Firmware

There will be no more first-generation Chromecast updates

And, speaking of updates, it seems that Google will no longer support the original Chromecast. Yes, his useful life has been impressive, but it is coming to an end. In addition, we do not talk about a rumor or a leak, you just have to see the Google developers page, where we can see the more than notable differences between the available models.

In this way, although the vast majority of Chromecast have the software version 1.42.168007, the first model that came to the market has the version 1.36.159268. More clear water, change model after six years of use.

For this reason you should change your old Chromecast for a more current model

Keep in mind that the Chrome browser that uses the first generation Chromecast is no longer receiving the same updates as the other versions. What does this mean? Well, we could have security problems. To give you the idea, the version of the browser that uses this first generation is Chrome 70. Instead, the rest of the models opt for Chrome 74.

So let's be clear; taking into account the security improvements of having the most up-to-date version of the Google star browser, and that you can buy the third generation Chromecast For less than 40 euros, do not hesitate and retire your old dongle as soon as possible.

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