Pokmon GO release the coaches battles soon

It seems like an eternity has passed, but not so long ago Niantic He got into the car of success with one of the biggest bombings on mobile phones: Pokémon GO. Yes, it may seem that the game stopped being important, but nothing is further from reality: Pokémon GO maintains a loyal base of hundreds of millions of players. So you have to content them with news.

New Pokémon, new events, more challenges for coaches … But there is something that has been missing since it was released on our smartphones: PvP battles between coaches. Numerous rumors have placed this option for some time in the game, and finally its arrival is confirmed, probably for this 2018.

Niantic confirms that battles between coaches are about to arrive

Pokémon GO will release the coaches' battles soon

The developer was responsible for raising the "hype" with a series of tweets that ventured a sound novelty. And finally he confirmed: the battles between the coaches are coming. This implies that finally one of the biggest drawbacks between mobile gaming and console games is saved.

Niantic He advanced the news with a convoluted tweet.

Hours later the image left no room for doubt: a battlefield with a coach at the other end.

And finally the good news came: coach-to-coach matches will be available soon. You have to prepare.

Now the most important thing remains: when is it too soon? We don't know for sure, but we did know Niantic's intentions: release the novelty before the end of 2018. Since the company has decided to move it forward, it is clear that there is not much left for us to have available, probably before Christmas.

Three different leagues for all coaches to compete

Pokémon GO will release the coaches' battles soon

Pokémon GO has detailed the keys to how the leagues will work PvP fighting. There will be three different leagues to accommodate all Pokémon trainers. The categories will be the following:

  • Great league: for Pokémon with a maximum CP of 1500.
  • Ultra league: for Pokémon with a maximum of 2500 CP.
  • Master League: unlimited fighting in the Pokémon CP.

The idea behind segmenting the fighting in three different leagues is that coaches with medium and low levels have the opportunity to compete with opponents of their potential; thus avoiding the biggest disappointment when someone starts in multiplayer games: that those who have more experience beat you in the beginning.

Pokémon GO will release the coaches' battles soon

As Pokémon GO details, the two lower leagues require the use of the strategy in the combats since the coaches must choose wisely the Pokémon they use. In the case of the Master League, the CP is more important since the level of the coaches is much higher.