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Redmi presumes the camera quality of the Redmi Note 8 Pro

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The Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro they will arrive later this month. Both models aim to be devices really interesting. Some features have been confirmed, such as the processor, which is the new MediaTek Helio G90T. We also know that the Main rear camera is a 64MP sensor paired with three other cameras (at least in the Pro model).

Redmi Note 8 camera on posters

Today, Redmi has released some promotional materials that highlight the skill of the telephone chamber. The first pster shows a breakdown of the sensors of the rear cameras of the phones. While the focus is on only three, we can see that there is a fourth sensor to the right of the triple camera configuration. It is rumored that this fourth sensor is a ToF sensor.

The pster talks about how the cameras on the phones have improved a lot in the last two decades. In 1999, the phones had only one camera that could only take 0.1 MP photos. Twenty years later, the phones have four rear cameras and can take 64 MP photos.

Another pster talks about the "ultra clear" image quality of the 64 MP sensor. It is said that the camera sensor It has a very high detail. They claim that thanks to this You can zoom up to 25 times and still have a clear image.

The last promotional pster mentions the resolution of the 64MP main camera. This being able to get pictures with a resolution up to 9248 x 6936 pixels. This results in almost twice the resolution of the 8K resolution, 7.7 times the 4K UHD resolution and 25 times the 1080p Full HD resolution. With the images taken at this resolution, they can be created printed posters of more than 3 meters with clear images. The resolution results in 34% higher that the view on the 48 MP sensors How much has been used.

Other sensor features

The company also makes other important notes on the device's camera. Remind us the ability to merge 4 pixels in 1 to achieve enhanced images with a size 1.6m pixel equivalent. The user can freely switch between taking improved pictures of smaller size (by combining 4 pixels in 1) or taking pictures at the maximum resolution supported by the sensor, depending on their needs.

They also tell us that 64MP sensor has a 1 / 1.7 inch large size. This results in the mobile phone camera sensor largest market.

The Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro will be announced on August 29 in China. Next to them also arrive the first Redmi TV, which has a 70-inch panel.

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