Microsoft shows how to be the new tablet mode in Windows 10

Although some may not know, the operating system Windows 10 It has a tablet mode that is not bad and that, from what has been known, the Redmond company intends to update it to increase the utility that users get from it. This is what has been revealed regarding changes They will arrive.

So it seems the new way in the development of which we talk about being part of one of the next major updates of Windows 10, which is known as 20H1 and that is expected in spring of 2020. The fact is that in a new previous version of the development of Microsoft, some of the changes have to be seen and some of them are really interesting in what has to do with productivity .

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An example of what we say is that when you switch from PC to tablet mode in Windows 10, for example on a convertible computer, now not sent to the home screen of the operating system. What happens is that it is kept on the desktop so enhancing the process is much faster and more effective. Apart, the icons from the bottom bar of the screen now have more space between them and, therefore, it is more difficult to make a mistake (this is achieved, among other things, because the search box contracts and is only shown in its identifying element). A good solution is.

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Other changes that will reach Tablet mode in Windows 10

One of the ones that we think may be the most interesting is that it happens to touch use of File Explorer automatically when establishing the way we talk on the computer and the same happens when you have to type text: the keyboard appears on the screen simply when placed in a box where you enter this type of content (for example). Apart be have optimized the interface contents To make it much more intuitive to use, one of the things that were not well executed in this option of Windows 10 and, therefore, this option of the operating system has not had a great reach in the market.

The fact is that it seems that the change is on the right track and that there will be a new Tablet mode in Windows 10. This, possibly, Do not make many manufacturers decide to launch tablets with this operating system inside but, the truth is that when you try it you are pleasantly surprised because it does not work especially badly. But, possibly, as happened with the operating system for smartphones, it is somewhat late for Redmond.

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