What tennis Apps installed on your iPad?

I always like to share with other users and see what Applications we have each one installed on our iPad, so, what better place to do that in iPadizate with all of you!

We start with the main course: Imagine that they only allow you to choose 5 apps, not counting those that it brings as native speakers and that we already mentioned in this post, what will be the essential ones for me? Those without which you can not live …

(UPDATE with a brief description of each app)

  1. iBooks (Reader of ebooks and soon also PDF)
  2. Evernote (Application for managing notes in the cloud, synchronize with all your devices)
  3. LogMeIn (Application of access and remote control to other equipment)
  4. Dropbox (Hard disk in the cloud)
  5. GoodReader (Multi-format file reader and manager, folders both locally and in the cloud)

And then, they are the ones that will take a lot, but that much, less If I couldn't have them.

  1. FastPDF (PDF reader)
  2. Adobe Ideas (Freehand graphics edition, handwritten notes)
  3. Keynote (Software for creation, modification and display of presentations)
  4. Twittelator (Twitter client)
  5. 1Password (Advanced password manager)

What are your 5 essential apps? (and another day we talked about the games …)

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