LifeAfter is a zombie survival game in the mountains

LifeAfter is the new game published by NetEase in the Play Store that plunges us into a survival story against the zombie holocaust. With the great difference before other titles that we will live here in the mountains with all that entails.

We will have the ability to power create objects and use the pick, shovel and our own hands to collect the necessary materials. A survival title that gets fully into the “theme park” to be rather a theme park through which you will travel all your adventures without having that freedom that we have in other games.

A quality theme park

If we compare it to Durango, here you can forget about all the freedom that MMO game gives you in which you will really have to work it out to evolve properly among the multitude of skills it has. In LifeAfter rather, we will pass a series of charges in which we enjoy from a good theme park.

Environment in LifeAfter

There are numerous games that have triumphed in this way, but if you are looking for the freedom of an open world Where you have to survive, better move to another. NetEase, the ones in charge of bringing us what will be the Immortal Devil for mobile devices, have published a great adventure that will put us in tension from the first second.


We have to practically perform a series of missions in which we will be asked to mount barricades, build houses, stop our feet to hordes of zombies and things like that. The environment puts us fully into the adventure and the graphics are of great quality to give us a great gaming experience.

Survive the zombies in LifeAfter with your pet

The truth that son crowd zombie games and it seems that this will not end for now. The ones we have in LifeAfter are rather fast and they will assail us in a group, so at the minimum of change we will see several around us. Of course, you will have your pet that you can choose between three different races: German shepherd, doberman and labrador.


What worries us a little is that in the missions if we don’t follow the path well, we can get blocked. The same goes for voices and some interactions. We will not find that subtlety of the missions of other games like the GTA or The Witcher on PC.

Creating character

LifeAfter again touches the hyper-crushed theme of zombies and that there comes a time that can become tiresome. I mean, you don’t even fear them anymore and They are like that fly that flutters around you and that you know that at some point in a good blow you do with her … Even saying this, in LifeAfter you will find final bosses and the truth is that they have been cured; although in the end it looks like that big big moscon that makes a lot of noise, but then na de na…

A gameplay that attracts

With all those hits, LifeAfter is able to attract enough to go through the mountains, build houses and create crafts. Perhaps it is one of the most comforting things in one of the first missions to rebuild a house in the countryside or our desire sometimes to settle in any place without removing an eye from our face as it happens today in these parts ( in real life).

Final boss

Technically it is a game in which it is appreciated that they have put enough efforts to stand out, although we are a little surprised by these cuts in dialogues, animations and interactions. In the rest we can appreciate some good skills in technical quality to enjoy killing zombie mosquitoes and to those final bosses.


A theme park survival game called LifeAfter and that to be a mobile game brings us very console sensations. If you are looking for the peace of the mountain, the sound of the river and the construction of houses, it is already taking time to install it on your Android mobile. We leave you with some zombie games featured in recent months such as Dead Zed, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z and the new zombie mode in both PVE and PvP of PUBG Mobile.

Editor’s Opinion


  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • Good graphics and careful environments
  • The fight is fine
  • Craft and build sites


  • Not in Spanish
  • Interactions with characters are choppy

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