How to find out if a Samsung J5 Prime is Original or False

How to find out if a Samsung J5 Prime is Original or False 1

When Samsung decided to launch the device Samsung J5 Prime, of its Galaxy line, has caused a stir around the world with its multiple functionalities and novelties in relation to its predecessor, the particular characteristics of this model especially.

These teams have reached such worldwide popularity that, it was expected that the clones were designed, which are sometimes very similar to the original, however there are some elements to consider to discern between a Samsung J5 Prime Original and a fake one.

How to realize if it is an original or a clone?

For a long time, Chinese clones of mobile devices are very common in the market, especially when a team like Samsung reaches such popularity in the world. Therefore, it is common for teams to be found Fake samsung for the large number of companies that manufacture mobile phones, where everyone is faced with this particularity of original mobile clones.

Is there a way to make sure it is an original or a fake Samsung, what can it be? Well, notice the small details found on the same device, pay attention to certain elements that are effective in detecting a clone of an original.

How to find out if a Samsung J5 Prime is Original or False 2

Recognize a Chinese clone

When it comes to recognize a Chinese clone of an original Samsung is the safest way to check it out, via the device IMEINow, this is the most effective and positive way to make sure.

We explain how to do it: access the call option and you should dial this number * # 06 # and press call. Then, it will show you a code with a number of digits, it is the IMEI code of the mobile, after this you have to access the website, there will show you unique information about the equipment in question.

This number, which ranges between 15 and 16 digits, you should write them on the link that shows the page itself, pressing where it indicates Check or Check, wait for the corresponding time while loading the information related to the mobile, the same will be of great help to determine the originality or not of the equipment. In this way, you will be able to recognize whether it is a Chinese clone or a Samsung original.

How to find out if a Samsung J5 Prime is Original or False 1

It is necessary that you look at the option where the manufacturer's data is displayed, in case don't say Samsung and show only UnknownMost likely, the mobile device in your hands is a fake device, a clone. This is one of the safest ways to check if it is a clone or an original, it is important that you take into account all the information that reflects the page.

In this sense, it is of great relevance that you be very careful when they offer you such a team. Since, sometimes they come offering a Samsung clone at the prices of an original one, so pay attention and make sure the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is originalIn addition, the prices between a fake and an original one are far from each other. In the market it is possible to find many fake devices that sell as originals, we recommend being very aware of this type of detail when purchasing any mobile device.