The evolution of Android

Here we show you two very interesting videos that we found today on the net. The first shows the whole history of Android in just one minute and the second shows us how we can make our own Android grimace. In the purest Super Mario Bros style, with music from the same "scratching" music genre, Droidsans (an Android community in Thailand) presents us with a stop-motion video that represents all Android updates.

In addition, this video goes a bit further and risks predicting the future. What we don't know is whether or not this video is right, but well, I, at least, have all my hopes that this will be done.

Another community, this time a group of English called recombu, has created a video where they tell us how we can make our own Android grimace ourselves. It's very easy, look:

Of course, whatever it is, there are many people with a lot of free time …

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