The Razer Phone receives the expected Android 9 Pie update

The original Razer Phone came out in November 2017. It was a high-end phone with all the necessary hardware to play perfectly, a Snapdragon 835 and 8GB of RAM, 4000mAh and a 120 Hz refresh screen.

The phone came out with Android 8.1 Oreo in its entrails (already room with the last version, which had just been released a few months ago), in that aspect very well. But in terms of updates, it has cost something more, and surely some had forgotten that this update could come.

razer phone android 9 pie

Razer Phone with Android 9 Pie

The famous brand of computer gaming peripherals promised that its first phone will update to Android 9 Pie, the current version of Android (in the absence of the arrival of Android Q to be released shortly). He didn't say when, he just said "soon."

And it seems that this "soon" has arrived, with a lot of news included in a update of approximately 1GB.These are the news we see. We remember that Razer uses an almost pure version of Android 9 Pie.

Even with a 16: 9 screen, we will receive the navigation gestures how necessary they are today, especially to take advantage of the screen. Also the best notification management that integrates Android 9 Pie.

We will also receive the adaptive batteryto improve our autonomy and with it, theDigital Wellbeing,To take care of our digital health.

Of course we will receive bug fixes, as in all updates. And, how could it be otherwise, the security patch. In this case, the July 2019 security patch.

Razer Phone Android 9 Pie

This is a phased release, so we don't know when we will start receiving it in most of Europe. But surely it will not take long, since there are already enough users who are receiving this update, as some have reported on the famous Android website, Android Police or on the “Internet front page”, Reddit. And when it begins to be deployed somewhere, a few weeks separate the start of the deployment from the global extension.

Do you own a Razer Phone? Tell us if the update to Android 9 Pie has arrived! Or if you still look forward to this precious and expected update.