Add a shortcut to the Windows 10 start menu

Windows 10

The start menu of Windows operating systems has always created a great controversy, passing from the success of the Windows 7 menu, followed by the critics in the Windows 8 version and ending again with the success in Windows 10, where the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 was unified, thus achieving a menu of Home renewed, current and with great functionality.

Being like that, I'm going to see how we can add a shortcut to our Windows 10 start menu, a link that can be for both an application and a directory, which will allow us to reach the desired place or application with just clicking on it, thus gaining some time in our day.

To achieve our goal, we just have to do the following:

  1. Open a file browser
  2. Go to the following path: C:> Users> Username> AppData> Roaming> Microsoft> Windows> Start Menu> Programs
  3. Paste in that directory the shortcut we want to use
  4. Restart and test

start programs

In the route that we have indicated, obviously replacing Username with the real name of the user, we will find that there are already shortcuts and directories, since precisely This is where the Windows 10 start menu is fed to show us the elements that we can see when deployed.

Thus, if you are interested in being able to see from the start menu some direct access to any specific application or to any directory in questionThanks to what we have seen today we already know that it is as easy as accessing a specific route and depositing the links we want to be displayed, all without any difficulty and in the most correct way possible.

What do you think of the Windows 10 start menu? Do you like it as much as we do? Have you customized it or are you still working with the default version?

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