Fortnite for Android can arrive with the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively

In the Android world there are two questions that have been unanswered for too long: how will the Galaxy Note 9 definitely be and when will Fortnite for Android arrive to our mobiles. Although the first is full of leaks, the second is expected as May water and there is still nothing decided unless we will see the game in summer.

And information released by XDA Developers and that has allegedly been confirmed by 9to5Google has put a bomb on the table: Fortnite could arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively. And not only that: Ninja, the best player in the world of this title could be in the presentation.

Fortnite exclusive on Note 9 and … Ninja in the presentation !?

Fortnite for Android could arrive with the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively

A source of XDA Developers and, as we say, confirmed by 9to5Google, says that together with the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fortnite will finally reach our phones. The information goes further: Ninja, the best player in the world, will be present at the launch.

We continue for bingo: according to this source, this arrival will have exclusive advantages. To start, you will have a 100 or 150 turkey recharge, currency within the game. In addition, according to this information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would be the only compatible game for 30 days, the first month of the device's launch.

This clashes frontally with the mystery that was left long ago when Epic Games launched the list of phones compatible with Fortnite, which makes us doubt whether the game will only work on specific phones or is a reference in terms of power needed to play it.

A great boost for the Galaxy Note 9

Fortnite for Android could arrive with the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively

The bombshell (insert drum sound by the joke) would come to coalition of the poor sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (compared to those of the S8). This phone, being large as a whole, is too conservative about the Galaxy S8, which was much more successful. The Note 9 will go the same way, the differences being subtle not only from the previous generation, but from S9 to it.

Although this is not official information and therefore could be a fake perfectly, there are many details that make this decision make sense. It is not a mystery that Fortnite is the fashion game; Epic Games is making a brutal box with the title and Note 9 would not only be credited with achieving the first phone to run Fortnite, but it would be the only Android device that could run the game exclusively. And the craving can, you know that.

Fortnite for Android could arrive with the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively

In addition, remember that it was "confirmed" that the S-Pen, an indispensable part of the Note range It will have added features for games and a Bluetooth battery. It could be an add-on for Fortnite gameplay, such as a build button. They are speculations of course, but it is very possible that this is an addition for the players.

As a detail, the same happened in Fortnite for Nintendo Switch: there was absolute silence until the E3 conference announced compatibility with the console by Epic Games. Repeating the play with a giant like Samsung could be very beneficial for both companies.

Is this the reason for the delay?

Fortnite for Android could arrive with the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively

Although we know that game changes between operating systems are late, especially Android, Fortnite is taking too long to reach our phones. Rare thing, since mobile devices are the most used at the end of the day, and being able to play this game anywhere from the palm of your hand is enough for millions of players to give it a chance. To this is added the rise of gaming mobiles.

This collaboration with Samsung could have led to the delay of Fortnite for Android, either to adapt it to the Galaxy Note 9 and that there has been no failure and incidentally take advantage to make it compatible at the universal level.

In addition, there is the incentive of Ninja; this young man is one of the streamers largest in the world, with more than 200,000 paid subscribers on Twitch and with millions of followers on their backs. Without a doubt, his presence in the Unpacked 2018 Note 9 would be an advertising movement.

In August we will leave doubts, friends.