How to restart Kodi on Amazon FireStick – Reset Values

In this post, we will learn to reset / reset factory default settings of Kodi in FireStick. The Kodi application is an incredible multimedia tool that turns your device into a movie or TV, allows you to stream your favorite content, free and paid (of course, mostly free).

This free and open source platform is not without problems. Especially, when we install many add-ons and extensions that take up a lot of data, they face performance problems more times than they would like.

There are several hacks / tricks / tricks and solutions that help speed up Kodi and fix errors / failures / problems that hinder the performance of this app. However, there are times when none of the solutions work and the only viable option remains to restore the Kodi default values.

Resetting / cleaning the application gives you a new app, as if you were running Kodi for the first time. But, remember that it also means losing all Kodi data, such as your Addons / plugins / add-ons and settings. This can also be solved, although to some extent.

This guide is also for those users who just want to start using Kodi from the beginning without having to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

  • For example, if you have installed too many add-ons and builds over time and now you do not use most of them, instead of removing them individually, you can clean Kodi with a quick reset and configure only the add-ons you would like to use.

How to restart Kodi in FireStick without failures

In the next sections / paragraphs of this article, we will talk about how to restart Kodi in FireStickHow to make quick and easy backups, also to restore your data, and everything else you need to know.


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First step: Back up Kodi on FireStick

When you reset the factory default settings of Kodi on Fire TV Stick, all Kodi data is lost, including all add-ons / plugins / addons and skins customizations. Reconfiguring everything again could be a long hassle. Not only does it take time, you may not even remember your previous configuration.

If the only thing you are looking for is to start from scratch, there is not much to do. Just reset Kodi and voila. However, if you want Kodi to be the same as before, I recommend that you make a backup before resetting it.


There are several add-ons that allow you to backup and restore Kodi. None of them offer complete backup solutions. For some reason, the addons retrieve only part of the data from the backup during restoration. However, it is better to recover something than lose everything.

Prior to reset Kodi on the firestick, I recommend that you take note and write down everything you want to restore to be able to configure it later manually, in case all the data is not recovered automatically.

When it comes to Kodi data backup, we have found Ares Wizard The most effective. It restores most of the data in the backup and is easy to configure and use. You can learn here how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi.

Once you have the Ares Assistant, this is how you can make a backup of your Kodi data.

Step 1 and 2. Navigate to Add-ons> Program add-ons from the Kodi home screen and open the Ares Assistant. In this section select and click on the Backup tab at the top of the Ares Assistant interface

how to backup kodi restart app fire stick

Step 3 and 4. If you have not chosen the folder where the backup file will be saved or if you want to change it, you only have to click on Select Destination in the BACKUP section in the left hand column. Click on the Backup option on the part left in the Ares Assistant configuration window that appears.

backup kodi firestick tv restart apk

Step 5 and 6 . Now you have to click on the backup destination folder to select the folder in which you want to copy the Kodi data. Open Root filesystem. To see photos

how to backup kodi restart fire stick tv

Step 7 and 8. Click on ‘sdcard’. Then you must select any folder on your FireStick device where you want to save the Kodi backup data. My FireStick device already has a Backup folder, this is where I save my backups. However, you can choose any existing or new folder you want.

reset kodi values ​​backup restart

Step 9 and 10. Create the kodi folder inside the backups. The Kodi backup folder does not exist by default. Now you have to open the kodi folder that you just created inside the backup folder (you don't see anything in it since we have not done a Kodi backup), click on the button OK to select it.

ares wizard restart kodi backup firestick

Step 11 You now have a new backup destination folder. Click OK when you return to the Ares Wizard configuration window.Step 12. When you return to the Ares wizard interface, see the “Refresh” option in the “Backup” section (because you have chosen a new destination folder). Click on the Refresh button.

firestick kodi restart app reset values

Step 13. Now the Ares Wizard is updated with the new backup destination. You can choose what Kodi data you want to include in the backup and what to skip. If you want to back up everything, select Full System Backup. If you only want to back up your add-ons, select Addons and leave everything else unchecked. Once you have made your selection, click on the Make Backup button.

remove kodi firestick amazon restart app

Step 14. View a message in a pop-up window asking if you want to skip or backup packages. (click on YES, see previous photo.)


Each time you update a plug-in or install a new one, a package is downloaded. After the upgrade or installation, you will no longer need the packages and will continue to take up space in your limited FireStick storage. That is why you should always click on S to skip the packages, since you do not need them anymore.

Step 15. Ares Wizard start the backup of Kodi. In the following image you can see the process.

how to backup kodi fire stick tv amazon

Step 16. When a Kodi app is backed up, in a pop-up window, ask if you want to see the skipped files. In this case we must click on NO to continue (select S if you really want to see the skipped files).

Don't forget to ignore the total size of the skipped files that this indicator shows. As you can see in the previous image, the number is incorrect (36722318 MB is converted to 36722 GB, which is almost 4600 times the maximum size of 8 GB of your FireStick device). It is clearly a fault that we should not worry about.

In the next section, we will learn how to restart Kodi. We recommend that you follow the instructions step by step.

Second step: Restart Kodi in FireStick 2018

There are two ways to restart Kodi. One is to delete the data from the Kodi app without uninstalling it. The other is to uninstall / remove the FireStick application and erase all data associated with it. We will take a look at these two ways.

Method 1: Clear Kodi data from firestick settings

We will learn how to delete data from Kodi. This method is simpler and almost effortless, since we don't have to uninstall Kodi, which is an additional step. By deleting the data, keep Kodi in your FireStick but delete all your add-ons / addons and their settings, customizations and everything else. Therefore, if you want to know how to reset the factory settings of Kodi, simply delete the data.

Step 1 and 2. Use the remote control to select “Settings” in the top menu of the FireStick device home screen. Go to the menu in the Applications section and click on the Select button on your remote control.

how to format kodi reset factory settings

Step 3 and 4. Open the option to Manage installed applications. Here you should see the list of all applications installed on your FireStick device. Scroll down and search for Kodi to select it, press Select on the remote control to access the available options.

how to reset kodi on fire stick amazon reset

Step 5 and 6. Now click on the option Clear data = Clear data. On the right, you can also view information about Kodi storage on your FireStick. Now click Clear data again to confirm your action. As you can see in the picture.

how to reset reset kodi on fire stick tv reset

Step 7. You can return to the home screen go to the "Apps and games" section. Open the Kodi app from ah. You will be able to observe the application Preparing for the first execution. With this we assume that all Kodi data has been erased and that reset of Kodi default.

how to reset defaults kodi reboot

In the previous paragraphs, we have learned to restart Kodi in FireStick deleting data. In the second method we will see how remove Kodi from FireStick.

Method 2: Uninstall Kodi from FireStick

The other way to reset Kodi on Fire Stick is to remove it completely and then reinstall it. This is a longer process but it produces the same results. On some occasions, the uninstallation and reinstallation is responsible for repairing certain problems that cannot be resolved by simply deleting the kodi data. So, let's see how to uninstall Kodi in FireStick.

Step 1 and 2. As in the first method, we must go to the settings of the fire stick, then to the Applications section in the menu. Now click on “Manage installed applications” and select “Kodi” from the list. In the menu options we must choose Uninstall, which in Spanish would be to uninstall.

Remove Kodi Firestick Clear Restart APK Kodi Krypton Leia

Step 4. Once again we click on Unistall, as you can see in the sample image. This will remove Kodi from your FireStick device. When Kodi is reinstalled, all data will be deleted.Step 5: Finally, you have to reinstall the Kodi app and that's it.

Third Step How to restore Kodi data with Ares Wizard

After Kodi has been restored, you will surely want to restore the backup you created in the first step. As you have made a backup with Ares Wizard, you will need this same Ares Wizard plug-in again to restore all data.

It should be clarified that during the reset process, all your add-ons were removed, including Ares Wizard. Therefore, it has to be installed.

Step 1 and 2. After installing the Ares Wizard addon, open the add-on and go to the “Backup” tab at the top and click on the “Select Backup File” option in the “Restore” section. Select the Restore option in the Ares configuration Wizard in the menu panel on the left.

restart kodi restore backup firestick

Step 3 and 4. Now click on Backup File on the right. In our case Backup file.Now open Root filesystem and navigate to the folder where you previously backed up Kodi data. In my case it will be root filesystem> sdcard> backups> Kodi.

restore backup kodi ares wizard restart app firestick

Click on the backup file from which you want to restore data

Step 5 and 6. You must then click on the OK button to continue. Now click on the button on the right REFRESH in the RESTORE section.

how to restore copy kodi fires stick ares wizard reboot

Step 7 and 8. Click on the Restore Backup button at the bottom. In the event that you have changed any settings since reinstalling the Kodi apps after the restart and want to keep it, you must select the desired options in the pop-up window, and then , click on the "Continue" button. If none of the options is selected, the current configuration may be replaced.

reset kodi ares wizard restart app fires tick

Step 9 and 10. When all Kodi data is restored, see the Restore Completed confirmation. You just have to click on the OK button to continue and that's it. For the guisettings.xml file to be applied correctly, the Kodi app will have to be forcefully closed. To do this, click on OK. This will bring you back to the FireStick interface from where you can reopen Kodi and FIN.

firestick reboot kodi backup backup ares wizard

What about the missing add-ons and builds?

As stated at the beginning of the tutorial, the Ares Wizard addon will restore the data but it may not be the complete data you had before resetting Kodi. That is why, if you are missing some add-ons / plugins / addons or builds that you need again, you can always reinstall them.

Conclusion of restoring kodi on Amazon firestick

With this guide you have learned to make backup copies of Kodi, to restart and format Kodi, to uninstall and reinstall Kodi, and to restore Kodi data on Fire TV / Stick.

Resetting or removing Kodi improves performance and cleans some space in your Fire TV Stick storage. Remember that if you feel that your Kodi application is full of addons, skin and builds that you no longer use, rebooting may be the right way to leave it as new.