IPhone 4 show

IPhone 4 show

This week has introduced the new Apple phoneI speak logically of Iphone 4. Although many of us already know most of the novelties of the equipment, that has not prevented it from being the cover of all the media dedicated to technology.

The iPhone is undoubtedly the new right eye Apple, as it was in his day the iPod, and any novelty presented on the gadget immediately acquires considerable importance for the entire sector.

If you are one of those who already dream of having the new iPhone 4 in their hands, the video that accompanies this post will be perfect for you since it makes a complete summary of all the news of the team and a visual tour of the whole new design

ANDThe iPhone 4 does not include anything really new but Apple has managed to give it a good cutting-edge technology effect thanks to its design and some specific feature such as your camera or screen Retina Display.

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