Electronic Arts acquires Gamefly | Tecnocat

It is increasingly common to see more companies likeElectronic Arts, which tries to modify its business model of selling products at a certain price to move to the subscription model, in which the customer pays periodically for their products and services, something that is profitable in the way Netflix does or Microsoft with your Xbox Game Pass.

It is usually common to see subscriptions to be able to use online services, to which we are already accustomed (such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus) to sell us a game in parts or to pay for button chests. The most relevant aspect of this modality is that companies can collect information about user tastes and thus help them decide what to invest in.

Thanks to these advantages of the subscription model, that is whyElectronic Arts has acquired the Gamefly video game streaming service, and as we know EA already knows the subscription models well thanks to its EA Access / Origin Access platform, in which games only published by them are offered, having unreliable statistics no longer only had them of their own titles. That is why the purchase of Gamefly will help them to access more global and real data on the types of games, techniques and designs work best.

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