Google Play updates its publishing policies with new rules

Google Play

Google Play has been making changes this year, especially at the level of functions. From showing what apps we don't use, to the new rating system that will take effect in August, the app store is leaving many new features. Now, it is the turn of more news, but in this case in the store's publication policies.

From time to time, Google usually updates these publishing policies on Google Play. This is now the case, with the launch of a new regulation. Some aspects have simply been modified, although there are changes that are important to consider from now on. Especially those who want to publish an app for Android.

Sexual content, marijuana, tobacco and alcohol

Sexual content applications are prohibited on Google Play. Although this concept is now expanding, so that other types of applications are also banned in the application store. Those applications of sex-related entertainment or with suggestive sexual positions they will not be able to publish more in the store.

In addition, toPlications where you can buy marijuana will also be eliminated. Next to them, those applications that facilitate the sale of alcohol and work, including those that say that using tobacco is a good thing to improve your social or professional position, will be eliminated.

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New family policy on Google Play

Google Play family policy

This is possibly one of the most important changes in Google Play. Refers to applications for children. From now on, developers have to specify the age audience to which the application is directed. In this way, if an app is designed for children, restrictions are then applied with the public. This is to clearly differentiate who the audience is from a particular app.

This new rule especially affects the way in which these applications are published on Google Play. Since it has to be done in a way that is appropriate for children. So developers have to make sure that its applications attract only the public for whom it is recommended. This also applies to ads within applications that are intended for children.


Those applications on Google Play that are dedicate to sell or promote the sale of fakes are prohibited in the shop. This is something very clear from the company. These applications also include those that are identical or very similar to a product that another company has registered. So many of these copy apps in the store should be removed.

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Loot boxes

Loot boxes

A change that was expected for a while, and that finally becomes official on Google Play. In this case, applications with a random purchase mechanism, as is the case with the popular loot boxes, They must clearly indicate the possibilities of receiving the items before such purchase. So that users know what they can get beforehand, or know what they can expect and what not.

Minimum functionality

Google Play asks developers that applications have to be design in a way that is stable, attractive and meets the functionality requirements. Therefore, it asks developers to make applications that meet a minimum of quality, something that the store has been looking for for some time. Useless and faulty applications do not have a place within the store, it is the message in this case.

Content that incites hate

In the last place, Google Play also introduces certain rules about content that incites hate. There are a number of content or messages that are prohibited within the app store, and of course in apps and games:

  • Applications that contain theories about certain groups stating that they are corrupt or malignant
  • Applications that explicitly say that a particular group is a threat
  • Content that encourages others to think that some people must be hated or discriminated against because they are from a certain group
  • Messages, statements or content that seek to "demonstrate" that a group is inferior, inhuman or deserves to be hated

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