Little Red Riding Hood for iPad

little Red Riding Hood faces the dangerous Ferocious Wolf in this interactive story for iPad. Itbook brings this classic to the App Store.

Again we bring you a interactive story from itbook for your iPad with texts and voices in 9 different languages.

In this case it is the Red Riding Hood application, an electronic book that will "force" you to give up your iPad while children have fun reading, playing and laughing.

little Red Riding Hood For iPad we get into the story that we all know since childhood, but with a very special interactive touch.

This is an audiobook available in 9 languages, which is also interactive, something similar to those stories where you pulled a tab and the characters in the drawings move, but this time on the tablet of Cupertino.

You can enjoy with the little ones of the house how Little Red Riding Hood visits her Granny, the Ferocious Wolf, the Hunter and the famous “Granny, Granny, why do you have such big eyes?"

With this application for iPad is included a game of the 5 differences so that the fun does not end.

We have loved the illustrations, the colors, the sounds, and even the voice of the narrators.

Did the children at home like it too? Have you run out of iPad for a while?

The application Little Red Riding Hood for iPad It is already available in the App Store at a price of 2.39.

Download App Store | Little Red Riding Hood for iPad



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