As the Galaxy Buds wirelessly charges with the Galaxy S10

As the Galaxy Buds wirelessly charges with the Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 +, among other spectacular features, has the wireless charging to power supply to other wearable terminals or devices; as in the case that touches us and in which we show how the Galaxy Buds can be charged.

An easy-to-use wireless charging that allows us to charge other phones with the large battery that counts the Galaxy S10. We are going to do this to show you the steps you have to follow to activate that great feature of each of the three models of the Galaxy S10.

How to wirelessly charge Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy S10

The wireless charging of the Galaxy S10 when active, will show a fixed red led on the back. In this way we will know that we have placed our device well and it is receiving the power of our Samsung terminal.


It will be when the blue led emitting flashing light when in standby mode Waiting for us to put that wearable device on the back, in this case the Galaxy Buds (by the way, you have 11 tricks here to take full advantage of the wireless headphones) or a phone with Qi technology. Let's do it with the steps:

  • Let's go to the status bar of the Galaxy S10.
  • We look for the option of Wireless Powershare in the quick access panel.

Wireless PowerShare

  • We activate it and turn the terminal to find that blue flashing light that indicates the standby mode.
  • We take the Galaxy Buds and we put them right in the back in the middle to start the wireless charging.
  • We will notice a slight vibration that is the indicator that the charge has begun.

We left perched on the terminal with the wearable device or another phone on top, and charging will begin. At any time you can stop it by removing the device and deactivating the option from the quick access panel of your Galaxy S10.

So is how a device wirelessly charges with the Galaxy S10. One of those features that add a better experience that gives this Samsung phone itself; Do not miss these 15 + 3 tricks for the Galaxy S10 +.

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