Intel delays the launch of Cannon Lake again

More bad news arrives for those who looked forward to the first processorsCannon lake Intel, as we will remember is the first major update of processors by Intel in recent years mainly due to the jump of the lithograph of 14 to 10 nanometers, which is again delayed by what the company has had to pronounce in an official way indicating that they will not be able to achieve a mass production of these new silicons, so the wait lasts until 2019.

On the other handIntelgave toknow the first quarter earnings in which the company has collected revenue from$ 16.1 billion, which represents a generous growth of 13% over the same period of 2017, along with a 50% increase in profits with $ 4,500 million.

Closing 2017 with a record, 2018 had a good start. Our PC business continued to function well and our data center businesses grew 25 percent, accounting for almost half of the first quarter revenue. The strength of Intel's business underscores my confidence in our strategy and the relentless demand for computer performance driven by data growth. Brian Krzanich (PDF), CEO of Intel.

At the same time the Intel CEO also pointed out that there are still annoying challenges in the manufacture of 10-nanometer wafers, because today the company is being manufactured at a very low volume and this is not expected to change in 2019.

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