How to save photos sent to you by WhatsApp automatically

You've probably already noticed: when they send you photos for WhatsApp then you don't find it in the galley of your iPhone … because basically they have not been stored (automatically). Indeed, the messaging app s downloads the photos and videos of the chats, but for a while to this part he no longer saves them in the phone so as not to saturate his memory "Surely it happened to you or you know someone close to you."

But if you are one of those who have self-control or you do not usually receive many memes and you want WhatsApp to automatically store all the photos and videos that you send, there is an adjustment within the application to do so.

Make WhatsApp photos automatically saved in iPhone memory

Because to save a photo (or group of photos, if you are sent more than 4) in the iPhone memory you must press and hold the message that contains that image so that the “Save” option appears, which definitely will be stored in your galley

As we say, you can save this process and by default, WhatsApp will save all the photos and videos on your computer. This is how you can activate this option.

save whatsapp photos automatically

We enter the section Configuration WhatsApp for iPhone (lower right corner) where we will find the section Chats, which we will access.

save whatsapp photos automatically

Here simply simply activate the option Save to Photos so that from that moment, the photos you download from the WhatsApp chats are stored in the reel / galley of the iPhone.

This has its positive side, but also a negative one: As we indicated before, it is a sneak of memes and other images that you probably want to see, but not store in the phone.

That is to say, the "effort" that you save when saving the photos, then you invest in having to delete those that do not interest you. Oh, and everyone who values ​​the pros and cons in their particular case.

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