The Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype, filtered

Filtered image of the Galaxy S6 prototype

It is already known that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the case that binds us can be the best example of it. To date, all the information we handled about the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung's next flagship, was based on rumors and speculation; beyond having dared to conjecture on what sernsus possible technical specifications or how to behave in practice, we had no tangible evidence of what to be, without any doubt, one of the most desired terminals of 2015.

Well, just a few minutes ago a story has jumped that, surely, will become one of the hot topics within the blogosphere. We talk, how not, about the filtration of what appears to be the possible prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

As we can see in the photograph published by the neerlandsToptienmobiel website, it will not be a final version – as shown by the stickers that it has next to the front camera – but it is very useful for us to get an idea of the smartphone They reach the market within a few months.

Above all, the highlight of the new flagship korean sernsus marcos, which seem to have been reduced to their minimum expression. In general, Samsung remains true to its design line, and this is evidenced by the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has kept the button home Physical and multitasking and back touch buttons.

Although little more we can retaliate on the filtration, it seems that, as many pointed out, include metal edges Samsung Galaxy Alpha features, and how well they have penetrated among users.

As always in these cases, it will be advisable to take the information with tweezers since we don't know its truthfulness. Be that as it may, it is undeniable that we will have a few months moving. And of course, from Pro Android we will echo everything that happens.

What do you think of the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S6?


Samsung Galaxy S6 Fake

And so much that it reminded us of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It was about a fakebased on this, that the web francesanowhereelse has not taken in discovering.Sorry for the wrong information, Androids.