How to show on Google Maps the speed of our vehicle !!

Virtually since its launch, Google’s map service has become a reference by most application developers that offer cartographic information, Apple Maps and map developers being the main competitors. However, Google’s map service, Google Maps, has also been inspired by competition.

A few years ago, when it was usual to buy a GPS for our vehicle or download an application to be able to use a navigation system on our device, there were several manufacturers that they showed us the speed of the section along with that of our vehicle. This allows us to know at all times the speed at which we circulate without skipping the speed limits.

Google Maps

For a few days, the Google guys have started updating the Google Maps application through the servers to activate a new function called Speedometer, a function that will show us on the screen the speed at which we circulate with our vehicle while we use the application to reach our destination, workstation, the beach, shopping center …

As usual in this type of features, this function it is disabled by default, so we have to enter the menus to activate it. But you have to keep in mind that this function is beginning to gradually reach the users of the application, so it is likely that it is not yet available on your terminal (as is my case, so I had to download the beta to be able to add the captures and they are in English).

Show speedometer on Google Maps

  • First, we open the application and go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, we look for the option Navigation settings
  • Within Settings navigation, we go to the section Driving options where it should appear below Remember monthly navigation statistics the option Speedometer with a switch to activate it and display that information in the application.

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