The iPad can make emergency calls

The iPad can make emergency calls

The boys ofGumballTech, rummaging in the SDK of iPad, have discovered that the tablet canMake emergency calls.

First you have to activate code lock (passcode) and then introduce Five incorrect passwords. Done this the iPad be to disable and only Allow emergency calls.

It is not known why this capacity in the iPad, but it is thought that it may be related to regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC for its acronym in English).

Very interesting this feature, and to take into account, since if you have the ability to make emergency calls, they can also make conventional calls… Which we doubt a lot (iPad iPhone competition?) Although that is, we hope that Apple allows the use of VoIP applications such as Skype in the iPad

It takes less to know iPad release date (first in the US) and to be able to confirm all rumors that come to us … Are you not nervous?