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Recently we gave you the reasons why we thought that the price of smartphones had hit a ceiling. Devices like the iPhone 11 corroborated it and even the users themselves, choosing mid-range devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A to the detriment of other range stops.

However there is a great but. 5G can be the perfect excuse for brands to raise the price of their terminals. A new technology that will allow firms to charge us more for practically the same. Motorola already warned, its new devices with 5G will not be cheap. However, and luckily, not everything is lost for those of us who have little money in our pocket and we also want to try 5G.

MediaTek allow the launch of cheap phones with 5G


We all know the MediaTek chipset. Although in power and performance they fall short of their main competition, Qualcomm Snapdragons, thanks to MediaTek many firms have been able to launch cheap phones with decent benefits. It was thanks to MediaTek that the Chinese phones emerged and it was thanks to this manufacturer that millions of people could enjoy an Android device.

In addition, as we read in mydrivers, MediaTek will also make it possible for Android phone users can enjoy cheap phones with 5G Thanks to a new chipset. A couple of days ago it was Xiaomi who expressed his intention to get up to 10 phones with 5G next year, so it is very possible that these new chips have something to do.

Specifically this is the Helio M70 and it will have a download speed of 4.7 Gbps. It will be accompanied by an ARM Cortex-A77 CPU and an ARM Mali-G77 GPU, it will be quite small and above all, very cheap to produce.

It is expected to be available in the middle of next year and many Chinese brands such as OPPO and Vivo have already been interested in him. Remember that according to analysts, in just five years half of the phones sold will already have 5G.

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