Motorola explains why it launched two Moto G series in 2019

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It is noteworthy that during 2019 Motorola will present two variations of its Moto G family, the Moto G7 in February and the Moto G8 this October, which could be confusing for users when it comes to seeing them at the points of sale. However, the firm said it intends to satisfy an increasingly diverse range of customers.

Digital Trends in Spanish He was present at the launch of the Moto G8 Play and Moto G8 Plus, as well as the Moto E6 Play and Motorola One Macro, in Mexico City, where the objectives for each of these new members were discussed.

Fabio Oliveira, general manager of Motorola Mexico, stressed that the brand has changed the way it does business, which partly explains the launch of the Moto G7 and Moto G8 in the same year.

The idea is to be on par with the changes and movements of the consumer, but the great achievement, in the end, was internal: we were able to shorten the development times of a product up to 40 percent, he said.

He added that the strongest concern for the company, from now on, is to ensure that the latest in technology reaches the hands of its customers and to ensure that the transition between one family and another is as simple as possible.

Some of the outstanding features of the Moto G8 Plus are: triple camera the main sensor is 48 megapixels with Night Vision and Quad Pixel technology, Max Vision screen with 6.3-inch Full HD + resolution, stereo sound, Android 9.0 Pie and 4,000 mAh battery . While the G8 Play also comes with a triple camera main sensor system of 13 megapixels, 6.2-inch Max Vision screen, Android 9.0 Pie and 4,000 mAh battery.

Moto E6 Play

motorola moto g7 g8 e6 play

The most accessible proposal of the new members of Motorola, the Moto E6 Play that has as its novelty the unlocking of fingerprint and facial recognition, continues with the tradition of delivering efficient functionalities at an affordable price, according to Armando Rangel, Product Manager of Motorola Mexico

Just by seeing the equipment, you will be able to access all your personal information without any problem. It is a reliable cell phone that could represent the first phone for some users, acot.

Other characteristics of the smartphone They are: 32 GB of storage, 3,000 mAh battery, 5.5 inches Max Vision screen with HD + resolution and colors in black and blue.

Motorola One Macro

motorola moto g7 g8 one macro

With respect to Motorola One, both managers agreed that it is a non-generational proposal: It gives us the opportunity to do things we do not dare to do in families where we have had a lot of discipline in their value proposition.

In this sense, Rangel explained that if users like the technologies that Motorola One Macro now integrates, they can move to the Moto G range, our most beloved family.

About the characteristics of this smartphone, the fact that the user can take photographs of objects at a distance of up to 2.0 centimeters stands out, as well as its 4,000 mAh battery, 6.2-inch HD + screen, 64 GB of storage and 4GB RAM.

We are offering a wide range of proposals, aimed at people who want their first smartphone or to those who want the latest in technology; We are talking about young people and, perhaps, users between 30 and 40 who are looking for cell phones with outstanding functions, Rangel concluded.

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