Possible iPad release date: March 26

iPad Boxes

Despite the comments about possible delays in the iPad launch Due to manufacturing problems, leaks are beginning to appear about the date you may have chosen Manzana to launch your tablet

According to the rumor, an employee of an Apple Store in the US who does not want to be named (more than anything, to continue working where he is ;) ) has commented to The Examiner that the Apple Store will receive the iPad on March 10 to start learning it and then explain everything to consumers. Although there is no official note to declare it, it seems that the date on which will be on sale be March 26, fulfilling the promise to launch it later this month that madeSteve Jobs in the last presentation.

We are talking about the model without 3G, which appear a month later. What we do not know is the number of devices to be initially, and given the demand that we hope there are not those few 300,000 that we commented the other day.

It is also rumored that buyers who camp at the gates of a Apple Store to be the first to buy the iPad will receive a special gift

It takes less to know the launch date and the price of the iPad in Spain.

UPDATE: There is already an official date for the launch of the iPad in the US

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