Android Q is already here in its first available Beta

Android Q

At last. For a few hours We already have available the first Beta version of Android Q. It has made you wait longer for the account, but It is already possible to download and install, although for now only on Pixel devices. And this is new, in any of the generations of Google smartphones.

As with each new Android version, the first to try it are the developers. And from this moment they can get to work in adapting the applications to this new version. And as with the first of the Beta versions that are released, it is usually unstable and causes numerous "problems."

Android Q comes with many new features

Every time it is more complicated that some new presentation, either of a device, or in this case of the operating system, comes to surprise. And this is due to numerous leaks that through different means they arrive to us. With this factor in mind, we really liked finding that Google already has a adaptation of its new operating system to the display with the new folding smartphone models.

Another novelty which also catches our attention is the improvement that our photos can obtain through the operating system. Regardless of the sensor of the photo cameras of our smartphones, thanks to a breakthrough in software, the result of the catches will improve considerably. Making use of cameras that offer more depth information, Android Q will make our captures grow in quality. Through numerous applications, and thanks to the data and information that these cameras offer, it will be possible to much more complete photographic edition.

Android Q

Android Q also arrives to meet one of the most requested demands by users. As we know, to share content using native Android we found that the process was not fluid at all. For it, the new version of Android It is equipped with a large number of shortcuts designed to facilitate this task. Be much faster and easier to share content through any application we choose. A very important advance and that will be welcomed. Soon you we will be reading more details of this new version of Android so expected.

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