Land your landing module on different planets in Lander Pilot


Lander Pilot is a casual that thanks to God is not endless of those infinities, but quite the opposite, has its beginning and its end so that you can land as you can (not as in the American comedy) your landing module.

A well-designed game in which our mission is evade as we can to those meteorites that cross laterally on our descent to the surface of a series of planets of the Solar System. So, if you feel like imitating what the Apollo 11 crew lived on their mission to the moon, you can move on.

Land on a wide variety of planets

The goal is to land on the surface of a large number of planets and stellar objects that will take us through the confines of the Solar System. The gameplay is based on pressing the screen so that our landing module uses its propulsion engines to stop the fall of our module.

Lander Pilot

So we will have to be very skilled at avoiding those huge asteroids that they move at different speeds and that it will be the difference between finishing the mission well or giving it as failed. And do not think that it will only be to avoid them, but when you already have the planet’s surface or star object in sight, you will have to stop your module so that it puts the “feet” properly. Otherwise, everything can go to waste.

Lander Pilot is a simply casual game, but in which it is appreciated that there is a beginning and an end. That is, we will go from planet to planet when we have managed to land our landing module. The first levels will be easy, so you can get used to it and by the way, you take a tour of the moon.

Lander Pilot is a very space game

We do not know the maximum number of planets on which you will have to land with your module or ship, but we can tell you that they are enough for you to have a game for many days. As the asteroid movement is totally random in each game, you will have to have a little patience and skill to avoid them, because sometimes, with the simple touch on your ship, a powerful explosion will turn your module into space dust.

Pilot Lander

Throughout your landing you will findor a series of green balls which will add one hundred points to the total score of each of the landings on each planet. At the moment that score only serves to be able to talk with colleagues if they play it and thus demonstrate who plays best. Hopefully they update it and bring some form of “dress” to the landing module, since there is nothing for it at the moment.

Praise the fact that there is publicity, but it is not very intrusive. At least we can remove it quickly and there are those 30-second advertising videos. Not like in NyxQuest that suddenly you release a 30-second video that you have to eat with chips. Damn advertising …

A quality casual

In the end we are left with a game mechanics that hooks and that what we have to get to landing gets us to try it again and again until we manage to put the landing module on those planets of our Solar System.


Technically it is a game that is quite good and in which its visual appearance stands out, although without being one of those spectacular. The braking movement of our module and the landing animation is quite well achieved, so it offers a good overall gaming experience.

Lander Pilot arrives at the Google Play Store as an elegant casual to have a good game and to give it to us as astronauts taking our landing module through a multitude of planets. You have it for free without too intrusive advertising, so luxury.

Editor’s Opinion

Lander Pilot

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  • Lander Pilot
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  • Good at the technical level
  • A casual that has a beginning and an end

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