Blizzard announces Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons and the new Battlegrounds game mode

During the opening ceremonies of the BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced a new game mode and an expansion for Hearthstone, its main strategy card game.

Focusing on the fierce winged beasts, Descent of Dragons feature dragons from the history of Azeroth. The most recent expansion features 135 new cards for players to experience, along with a new hero card with Galakrond. Using the new summon cards, players can level up the dragon several times so that Galakrond reaches its final form.

Descent of Dragons be available to players as of December 10.

In addition to the new expansion, Blizzard also announced a new game mode called Battlegrounds. With eight-player games, Hearthstone fans will assemble boards and face a duel until only one is left standing.

Fans who pre-purchase Descent of Dragons, attend BlizzCon 2019 or buy the virtual ticket will have access to the new mode starting November 5, while everyone else will have to wait until the game goes into open beta.

With BlizzCon 2019 in full swing, the company has lifted the curtain of its main franchises, including Diablo IV, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Overwatch 2.