Hulu allow downloading content to view it without internet connection


In the last year, the amount of GB offered by some data rates has expanded considerably, being in most cases more than enough to be able to play video content through our device. Netflix has offered us this function for more than a year, like Amazon Prime.

The next to do it will be Hulu. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming video services in the United States and has recently become part of Disney and is soon planning its expansion in Europe. The next update of the Android application It will allow you to download content and play it without an internet connection.


This feature is now available on iOS devices through the new Downloads tab. The application will allow us download up to 25 different titles between movies and series and we will have up to 30 days to begin its reproduction. Once we start playing the content we have up to 48 hours to finish watching it, since otherwise, it will be automatically deleted and we will have to download it again on our device.

Hulu puts at our disposal different price plans to enjoy all its content, some of which include ads, this plan being the most economical that we have at our disposal and that is very far from the quotas that Netflix currently offers us.

After the purchase of Hulu by Disney, the expansion plans of this service that the company already had they seem not to have suffered variations, so it is likely that by 2020 we will begin to hear the first news related to the arrival of Hulu to Europe.

With Disney + about to go live, like Apple TV +, Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Filmin … the number of streaming video services is increasingly high, however the money that users have to invest in these services is still not growing. If we add the streaming music service that we like the most, turn it off and let's go.

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