How to create Stickers with your face for WhatsApp

How to create Stickers with your face for WhatsApp

I know it's not the first time I've shown you how to video create Stickers for WhatsApp, although on this occasion I wanted to do it again for as well as having seemed super easy, I also found it super fun and suitable for all audiences.

And as I say in the headline of this post, today I will teach you step by step, starting from scratch, the way create stickers with our face to be able to use them on WhatsApp and that our contacts flip it in colors speaking literally.

To achieve this we will only need to download a free application for Android, an app that responds to the name of Sticker Make and that just below I leave the direct link to the Play Store so you can download and install it in a heartbeat.

Download free Sticker Make from the Google Play Store

Apart from the download and installation of this sensational application for Android, of course we will also have to take some selfies in which we must appear with different poses or faces of wonder, sorrow, joy, etc, etc, etc.

(Video Tutorial) How to create Stickers with your face for WhatsApp

Simply with the application and those funny and original selfies, we will have more than enough to follow the steps that I indicate in the attached video tutorial that I have left at the beginning of this post, in which I teach you step by step to

Keep in mind that from the Sticker Make application itself and without downloading anything at all, without using any additional application or tool, we will be able to create a totally transparent sticker with our face, with the possibility of adding stickers, emoticons, brush strokes, or most important of all, adding different text styles to our custom sticker.

(Video Tutorial) How to create Stickers with your face for WhatsApp

I advise you to watch the complete video tutorial since In just a few minutes you will be able to create your own stikers pack with your faces to use on WhatsApp, vacillate your friends and even share these sticker packs with whoever you want.

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