The best Apps optimized for Tablet (III): Multimedia

Around with another compilation of best applications optimized for our beloved Android tablets. We have already passed through the land of the office automation and the social networks. Now it's the turn for the section multimedia. Who doesn't like to watch videos or listen to music on their tablet? Many of us buy this type of device precisely for this use. Because the difference between watching an HD movie on our smartphone or watching it on our tablet shows, and much.

Although not only films and music lives the human being. Who does not retouch photos or make magnificent drawings on your tablet? Surely more than one has occurred to you and you don't know which application to use. Well, For that we are here!


The best app for photo retouching on Google Play (according to a huge number of users). Whoever tries it stays with her. its simple interface, combined with their powerful tools, offer everything you need to edit and touch up your best shots leaving them even more «cool" if it fits.

Not long ago we talked about her. It should be remembered that it is totally free Y Requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher To function properly.

Download Snapseed for free on Google Play

KoolrPix Studio Image Editor

With this application recently brought from the AppStore we go to the field of "humorous" edition. While we can retouch photographs, with this application we will do it in a less professional way, although for that reason the finish is still good. Their preloaded frames, prints, money Y designs, added to the text insertion, make this application a good excuse for play a joke on a family member or friend. We can put your photo in one of the existing prints or frames and give them the personal touch we want by inserting a funny text.

It is a good application for have a laugh. Of course, it is developed so that it does not require any knowledge of professional photography. This Requires Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher and is completely free.

Download KoolrPix Studio for free on Google Play

VLC for Android

He best desktop video and audio player It came to Android not long ago. Although still follow in public beta (v7), his operation is most stable. Some features are missing such as the interface that characterizes it or improvements in battery consumption. Still it is from the best of Google Play and is close to its final version. So it will be even better soon.

Requires a Android version depending on the device we have and is only available for terminals with ARMv7 or x86 processors. ARMv6 will be supported in future versions.

Download VLC for free on Google Play

Draw! for Tablet

The popular drawing and notes application has created a homonym for tablets so that we can enjoy all the features offered by the smartphone application on our Android tablet.

Draw! It allows us to make drawings and notes in a simple and fast way. Requires Android 3.0 or Android 4.2 to work (?) And is completely free.

Download Draw! for Tablet for free on Google Play

Rumpus – Tablet

With Rumpus we can find new groups and new music very easily. The application has a very simple and very intuitive interface, so it will not be difficult for us to find the group or song we are looking for. It has parts that are paid but many of the features are free. It is one of those applications that is worth trying.

Rumpus requires Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher to work properly and its download is free on Google Play.

Download Rumpus on Google Play

Glimmr, for Flickr

With this application we can browse the flickr photographic social network and enjoy the photos it offers. The application allows us to browse our photos and those of our contacts, has compatibility with the groups, we can comment on the photos and see the exif information and receive notifications when new photos are published.

The developer promises to insert more features in the future. It is completely free and ad free. It has a paid version (€ 1.99) that adds the power to download the photos. The application requires Android 2.2 or higher to work.

Download Glimmr for free on Google Play

Pixlr express

Not long ago we also talked about this application. One of the best for photo retouching. I insist that you visit the previous link so that you can see in detail how good this app is. With an immense amount of effects and retouching options, we can give a new focus to our catch

Pixlr Express is completely free and requires Android 2.2 Froyo or higher to work properly.

Download Pixlr Express for free on Google Play


Possibly the best gallery for our Android terminals. Not only for the tablet, but also for our smartphone. It has all the features that we request in an application of its category and more. Apart from its fluidity and minimalist interface, the one that only weighs 392kb is added. Perfect for any terminal.

I will not extend much because I am delighted with her and I want you to discover it for yourself. It is completely free and requires Android 2.0 onwards.

Download QuickPic for free on Google Play

Wallbase HD Wallpapers

If you like wallpapers, you may know, one of the largest communities in this category in the entire network. With this application we can navigate through it and find the wallpaper we want. We can filter results by category, labels, colors, resolution, ratings, etc. It is one of the best applications of its kind and will surely provide you with the wallpaper you want at all times.

It has two versions: free and PRO. The PRO version only removes the ads. Requires Android 2.2 Froyo onwards.

Download Wallbase HD Wallpapers for free


If you use Evernote, you will know Skitch, its popular plugin for editing notes and drawings. Well, with the entrance I think I said it all. With skitch we can annotate, edit and save our photographs, sketches, drawings or annotations quickly in our SD or add them to an Evernote note.

Although after the update it costs a little to catch your fingers well, it is still an essential on my tablet. Its synchronization with Evernote and the good feedback it gives me is enough to earn a must-have on my tablet

Skitch is completely free and requires Android 2.0 Éclair or higher.

Download Skitch for free on Google Play


If you are a professional photography lover, you will meet 500px. This is a social network aimed at professional photographers where we will find amazing captures of all kinds of places and people. The application underwent a total redesign recently that has left it impressive.

We can browse through the different categories and filter our searches with different aspects (keywords, category, etc.).

The application is completely free and requires Android 2.2 Froyo or higher to work properly.

Download 500px for free on Google Play

More tomorrow

I hope you have been able to download an application that you have discovered. I hope you leave in the comments what you left behind. Shortly: "The best Apps optimized for Tablet (IV): Utilities"