How to download Adobe After Effects for free

If you want to download Adobe After Effects, you are interested in reading further. We explain in this article step by step how to download the After Effects program for free on your computer.

Adobe After Effects is another tool of the suite room Adobe thanks to which you can get incredible videos. The app allows you to expand your creativity thanks to texts and forms integrated into videos and more than ninety effects available.

The result is translated into videos with very creative cinematographic effects that will undoubtedly capture the attention of those who see them (if you have been able to edit them correctly, obviously).

According to Adobe, After Effects is an application used by animators, designers and composers to create animated graphics and visual effects for movies, television, videos and web pages. Sounds good, doesn't it?

If you still don't know what we are talking about, we recommend you take a look at the following images.

For example, the following video of Botanica (Botany), a popular botanical science project was designed by Marino Capitanio using the software we are talking about

If you need another example to be able to get the idea of ​​the super effects that you can get thanks to this app (like everything, you will have to know how to use it), you can take a look at the following video:

The video is a short created by Takayuki Sato baptized with the name of The Moment of Beauty, or in Spanish: The Moment of Beauty.

Now that you've seen what you might be able to achieve thanks to Adobe After Effects (and also thanks to your skills as an artist), you're probably interested in knowing how you can download this Adobe tool.

How to download Adobe After Effects for free

To get to the point: you can have the program for free for only seven days. This means that if the project you are working on will last more than seven days, or that if you are going to want to use the program more than once (surely s), then you will have to end up paying.

But if, as we say, you only need the software For a specific moment or for a short project, you can still benefit from the free trial period. This can also be very useful in case you are not sure how the program is going to be or if it will end up being useful or not.

To download free Adobe After Effects Click on this link and at the top click on the Free trial section.

You will also have the option to try the entire Creative Cloud package for free, which includes After Effects. This package comes with programs as popular as Photoshop, Adobe Audition or Premiere Pro, so it may be worth it.

If you only need After Effects, then choose the option that appears on the left. Remember that the free trial lasts only 7 days, so do not forget to cancel your subscription before this period or if you will not be charged the following month.

How much does Adobe After Effects cost?

If you have already tried the program and it has been useful, it is very likely that you are interested in subscribing to the service.

If you click on this link You will be redirected to the official Adobe website. Once there, click on the button you see in the upper right corner that says Buy now.

Different purchase options will appear. The first thing you will have to choose is the type of buyer you are, that is, Individual, Company, Student or teacher or College and university.

Understanding that you want to buy the service as an individual, you have several purchase options:

  • A special photo plan for 10.07 per month. This package includes several programs: Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 20 GB of cloud storage. The subscription is one year and you can pay month by month or all the year at once if you prefer.
  • Unique application for 24.19 per month. In this case you will only get Adobe After Effects.
  • All applications for 60.49 per month. This includes the complete collection with more than 20 Adobe applications and 10 TB of cloud storage.
  • All applications + Adobe Stock for 96.78 per month. This includes the above plus Adobe Stock.

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