Spotify launches new car view to avoid distractions

Getting in the car means absent as much as possible from everything that happens on the smartphone. Theirs is to carry it in the glove compartment or, if the browser is needed, it is possible to anchor it to a support; needing the apps to use are adapted to avoid maximum distractions. As well: Spotify It already fulfills this obligation.

While it was already possible to open Spotify In view of Android Auto vehicles, now the Android application adds a reduced interface to the maximum with which we can see the artist that is playing, pause the music and move between the songs on the list. It is an option that you can easily activate and that is highly recommended if listen to music with your mobile connected by Bluetooth to the car.

Spotify automatically switches to vehicle view if it detects that your mobile is connected to the car's Bluetooth

Spotify launches new car view to avoid distractions

Left, normal view; right, car view

It is a newly added option to the Spotify app for Android. Once activated in the settings, the interface will change automatically and without you having to do anything: when the mobile phone connects via Bluetooth to your car, the appearance of the music player it will become extremely minimalist; bypassing the cover to avoid distractions and enlarging the size to the maximum of the buttons.

To activate this new vehicle view in Spotify you just need to do the following:

  • Make sure you have your Spotify Android app updated.
  • Go to the «library»And click on the toothed wheel, the icon that appears in the upper right of the screen.
  • Go down in the menu until you see the option of «Car view«. It is within the options of «Car«.
  • Now you just have to connect to the music system of your vehicle: when Spotify detects the Bluetooth connection it will activate a new aspect specially designed to avoid distractions.

Spotify launches new car view to avoid distractions

The car view is already active: surely you have it available in your application. It is suitable for both the free version of Spotify and the premium: if you listen to music in the car with your mobile it is worthwhile to activate the new view.