Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 filtered: All the details

To our delight, someone has gone from the tongue. Since your announcement in the MWC This year, the Galaxy Note 10.1 has suffered several remodeling in terms of design and hardware it means. While it is true that some things had already leaked, it is not until now when we have a reliable and serious source about what the terminal will carry. We knew that Samsung was preparing a great event on August 15, and everything seems to indicate that the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be officially presented there.

In the MWC already said that the Galaxy Note 10.1 would mount a new hardware, more powerful than his five-inch sister, and he would have some improvements that would lead her to be one of the best in the current market. Apart from the S-Pen slot and the specific software that this can bring to take advantage of it, little more have we known so far.

A South Korean blog has published an article where they say they have organized the blank version of the tablet, and attached a series of photos of an alleged unboxing. It highlights certain new aspects, such as a 1’4GHz quad-core processor, 5Mpx rear camera, HSPA + support, and one slot for the S-Pen. The device also appears with 2GB of RAM, unlike the gigabyte they planned to ride. In addition, it is said that the tablet is able to interact with the phone in a simple and fast way. This means that it acts as a speaker (for example), allowing users to send and receive messages or emails. It's not clear exactly how will it work the latter, but remember the use that HP tablets gave to bluetooth to send and receive SMS messages.

It will not lack power, from what we see. Yes optimize In the same way, we are facing one of the best tablets that can be released. And the eternal debate about whether so much power is necessary, instead of further optimize the system. What is still missing is a specific date for the release of the revised and corrected version of the tablet. But the fact that ads are circulating and, the article in «The Brave Post»Suggest that this is not far away and that Samsung will make an important announcement soon and present it in its August 15 event of this same year.

What do you think of the new tablet that Samsung will supposedly present shortly? Will you live up to follow the steps of your predecessor?