great design and many options

We always say that the biggest advantage of smartphones is that they allow us to use applications. Many of the ones we use daily are those that come pre-installed, such as the weather, the web browser or the photo gallery.

However, there are certain applications that we can replace with better alternatives. Today we bring you one for your photo gallery, it's called Memory.

A simple and powerful interface

The application is structured in three parts: my photos, my albums and my favorites. Of course we can move from one to another simply by clicking on the name of the section or sliding with the finger from one part to another.

In the first we will have the images. If you click on one it will open to a larger size and show us the options above (delete, send to a Chromecast, bookmark …) and below (share, edit, geolocate …)

The editing tools are basic. We can rotate it in multiples of 90 degrees, do it manually or trim it. This is not an app designed to edit colors or put filters.

In the second tab we have the albums, that are organized and created alone but that we can also control by hand. One of the most useful functions is the one that allows us to hide entire albums, ideal for not seeing the photos that are sent to us by telegram or by WhatsApp.

The last section is My favourites, and it is where the photos marked with a heart appear, perfect to have them located.

Memory It has a free version and ads that we can download from the Play Store. There is also another payment that is launch promotion and costs 1 euro. This second version is the one that unlocks some functions of the first, such as being able to see an image by pressing its thumbnail or changing the colors of the app's interface, in addition to eliminating the ads.

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