Samsung expects to sell 6 million folding phones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold

For a couple of weeks now, you can almost buy the Galaxy Fold in Spain officially. Samsung launched its folding phone in September in several markets and this October has expanded its availability in the market. The Korean brand knows the importance of this phone, which is having a good reception in the market so far.

It seems that Galaxy Fold sales are being positive and meet the expectations of the company. Looking ahead to 2020 the company has quite ambitious sales objectives with its range of folding phones, as we have already known. So we will have to see if they get to meet them.

Since it has been known, Samsung expects to sell between 5 and 6 million units of the Galaxy Fold and other possible folding models. Sales worldwide throughout next year. They are ambitious goals, but the firm is confident in the possibilities of this phone and that it will be accepted by users.

So far, since its launch in September, an estimated 500,000 units of the phone have been sold. In addition, the firm has plans to launch new folding phones over the next year. Which would help your sales to increase significantly.

The Galaxy Fold is meeting the sales objective until now. Therefore, it can make the launch of future folding phones of the brand easier, making them more likely to be a success in the market. Although we do not know when the first successor will arrive.

Surely next models will improve aspects that in this Galaxy Fold are not yet perfect. But at least, it seems that folding phones could finally find their place in the market. Since there are still many doubts about them, but Samsung phone sales seem to be very positive so far.

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