Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions

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Although it may seem an uncommon problem, the truth is that it is not precisely the users who report that their phones Xiaomi does not detect the SD card or does not recognize it. The origin of this problem may vary depending on the case, although it is usually related to the card and not so much to the phone. For this reason it is necessary to follow a series of checks to rule out that the problems are derived from the device.

The methods that we will see next are compatible with any Xiaomi mobile and any version of MIUI. Xiaomi Mi A1, A2, A3, A2 Lite, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Mi 8, Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi 5, Redmi 6, Redmi 7, Pocophone F1

Turn off the phone, insert the card and turn it back on

If we have inserted the micro SD card when the mobile is fully operational, it is likely that MIUI has not detected the module correctly. A simple solution, but at the same time effective, is based on turn off the phone and re-insert the card into the corresponding passenger compartment.

With the removable tray inserted in the device, we will press on the power button until the phone turns on. The theory tells us that the card should be detected without major problems.

Format the card from a computer

Have you previously used the card on an external device, such as a camera, an SD adapter or a tablet with a different version of Android or operating system? In this case it is very likely that it has a format that MIUI, and failing that, Xiaomi, is not able to recognize. The best solution to this problem goes through format the card from a computer.

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 1

In Windows this process is as simple as right clicking on the drive that corresponds to our micro SD card (E :, F :, G: etc) and selecting the Format option. The type of format to be selected is FAT32, and The best way to run correctly is to deactivate the Quick Format option..

If we have a computer with macOS, we can resort to Disk Utility to follow this same process. Something went wrong? Remember raise the Lock tab on the card adapter. Otherwise, any read or write operation will be blocked.

Or through another Android phone

If MIUI still does not recognize the card, it is very likely that the FAT32 format is generating some conflict with it. The solution is to turn to another mobile, whether from Xiaomi or any other brand with Android, and format the card through system options.

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 2

In Huawei phones, for example, this process is as simple as resorting to the Storage section within the Settings application. Within this we will click on the memory card and select the Format option. Finally we will go to the Delete and format option.

With the card ready and the phone off, We will introduce it again in the Xiaomi terminal following the process described above.

Use low-level tools to format the card thoroughly

At this point we can assume that the recognition problem lies in the card and not in the phone itself. To repair the card we can use programs like HP Format Tool or Low Level Format Tool to apply what is known as a low level format.

The process once we have installed one of the two programs is very similar to the one we have described with the Windows utility. In the case of Low Level Format Tool, we will have to make sure to click on the Low Level Format section and then on Format this Devices with Perform quick wipe option disabled.

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 3

This process can take a few minutes, and in no case we can remove the card from its tray.

CHKDSK, the command that solves everything

The CHKDSK command is an executable tool through the Windows command machine that allows us repair any unit hosted on our computer.

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 4

To invoke this command we will have to open the CMD, which can be accessed by typing the same name in the Windows search bar, but not before right click on the program icon to run it with administration privileges.

Once inside, we will write the following command:

  • chkdsk n: (where n It is the letter of the unit of our memory card, which we can check in This equipment)

After applying the command by pressing the Enter key, the system start checking if there are errors on the card. To repair them we will enter the following command:

  • chkdsk n: / f (where n is the letter of the external drive)

The repair process may take several minutes.. When finished we will write the command exit and we will eject the card from this team.

DISKPART if CHKDSK does not work

The DISKPART command is another tool that we can use to solve the problems of the micro SD card. Accessing this is as simple as entering the command diskpartinside the CMD (but outside the CHKDSK command). Later we will enter the following command to know the registration of our card:

Next a list will be displayed with all units connected to the computer. Detecting our unit is as simple as observing its size, which is usually expressed in GB.

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 5

Finally we will introduce the following command string:

  • create partition primary
  • select partition n (where n is the unit number we want to delete)
  • active
  • format fs = fat32

With these commands the card is formatted in FAT32, now it is fully functional.

Restore the mobile completely

The card works on other phones and even on other operating systems and Xiaomi still does not detect it. What can we do?

Xiaomi does not recognize or detect the SD card: 7 possible solutions 6

Restoring the phone completely is the only feasible solution before taking it to the technical service. We can do it through the application of Settings inMy device / Backup and reset / Delete all data / All files on the phone. If we have a somewhat outdated version of MIUI, we can find the option in Additional settings / Backup and restart / Clear all data.

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