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Huawei confirms that the MatePad Pro will come with a Stylus

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Huawei is already preparing everything to make the great launch of its high-end MatePad Pro tablet. This November 25 will be the tablet launch event. Huawei company confirmed that the MatePad Pro will have a pencil for the use of the touch. Beyond that, there is very little information about this pencil; However, it is likely to be advertised as an improved version of the MatePen pencil, which was presented in 2016, together with MateBook.

There is a high probability that Huawei's new MatePad tablet will be aimed at the high-end market. In addition to the recently announced pencil, the renders also reveal the large iPad Pro-esque screen that the MatePad will have. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a perforated hole where a camera is located. That could be the first tablet in the market to implement a perforated hole design. In the renders it can be seen that the bevels on the sides are quite thin.

At the back of the tablet should be presenting a dual camera setup. The processor responsible for bringing the device to life would be the powerful Kirin 990. Other features that are expected on the tablet are such as 8 GB of RAM; an internal storage with 256 GB capacity; a pogo pun connector for keyboard accessory; and it is also expected to be equipped with a large battery.

Because MatePad is coming to the market as a high-end tablet; The price for which it is being sold is expected to be somewhat high. So far there has been no news about its price but surely in the next few days it will be informed about it.

For any new information that is emerging about MatePad, we will be attentive to bring it to you.


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