The best applications with coloring pictures

What would our childhood be without coloring books, those notebooks with drawings where we filled the holes based on colors. Small, delicate, faster strokes when the space to be colored was larger, the lines that came out of the edges … Do you miss smearing notebooks? Well, we have the solution: apps with drawings for coloring, perfect for children and also for adults.

It is true that these types of applications seem more suitable for children, but the relaxation provided by coloring pictures also attracts adults. So we propose the following: whether you use them with your children or install them on your mobile for your free time, surely you love these apps.

Pigment – Coloring Book

The best applications with coloring pictures

It is our favorite coloring application. Very well done, super complete, with excellent quality and full of drawings to apply the colors you like most. Of course, it has a "problem": although the download is free Pigment just let you color some drawings for free, for the rest you need to pay money as a subscription.

If you love to hang out filling the drawings on color Pigment You're going to love it. It is true that the subscription is not cheap, but the fact that few are close to what this application offers is also true. Of course, it may not be the most recommended for very young children.

Coloring and Painting for Children

The name of the app already says it all: it is especially suitable for kids. Do you want to be entertained by coloring the colors raised by the app? They have many drawings at their fingertips, they have different colors that are reflected in the drawing with a few touches, they can be expressed creatively and without complications. It is an app suitable for children 3 years and older.

Happy Color – paint by number games

The best applications with coloring pictures

Another application with drawings to color, although this time by numbers. How is it done? Easy: you have a canvas with different polygonal figures marked with numbers; the numbers match the color palette; fill in the different numbers with color find them in the drawing. The best thing is that in the end the result appears as if by magic.

Happy color It is suitable for all types of audiences, whether they are adults or children. It has ads that can become somewhat annoying. And you always have the option to remove them with a purchase within the application.

Mandala coloring pages

A classic coloring books: the mandalas. Concentric figures with different geometric styles that are perfect to fill with color, also to kill stress. So, do you want to color them directly on your mobile screen? We have an excellent application for the task: you will love it.

200 different mandalas for coloring, simple and entertaining interface … And ads, of course. Otherwise it is a highly recommended application.

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