How to solve the problem of notifications of your Fitbit

If you are one of those who own a Fitbit device with a screen, then you may be able to receive notifications of calls and text messages from your phone. This is useful if you want to receive an alert with a buzz in the grimace without consulting the mobile.

In fact, even Fitbit wristbands without a screen, as is the case with Flex 2, can provide some type of notifications using their LED indicators, or even through vibrations.

Occasionally, it has been observed that the telephone may not work well with your Fitbit or it may take time to synchronize the information, to the point that it affects the reception of notifications.

As a general rule, it is a problem solved by the manufacturer through the updates of its devices, which does not mean that you can still be experiencing a problem of this type in synchronization.

It is proven that the problem is due to the wireless connections and Bluetooth settings within the Fitbit phone application. Read on to guess how to fix this Fitbit notification problem.

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How to fix Fitbit notifications

In your Fitbit

First of all, check if notifications are enabled on your Fitbit. Enter the Settings menu and scroll to Notifications. Then verify that all options are activated.

It is also convenient to check that your Fitbit application is updated to the latest version. If not, the App will inform you that there is an update of the software that may be of the application itself, or firmware of the bracelet or smartwatch

In this case, you must make sure that you carry out this update. In the past, some Fitbit products had delays in synchronization with certain mobile phones, something that has been solving with the update of products.

On the phone

Now, verify that your phone and your Fitbit device are turned on and charged. Also check that your phone's Bluetooth connection is on. On an iPhone and Android phone, this is found in Settings> Bluetooth.

Once activated, you should check if your Fitbit is connected to the phone. To do this, you must access the Fitbit application installed on your phone, where you will find the Fitbit devices connected to which the mobile is synchronized.

If you are connected, an image of your Fitbit will appear at the top of the screen with a green connection symbol next to it (on the iPhone, located on the left and Android, on the right).

You must ensure that the connection is green before continuing. Touch the image of your Fitbit to go to the options menu.

To test the connection on Android, press on the three-point menu located at the top of the screen and then click on Send a call notification as a test. You will not find this option if you have an iPhone.

If the Bluetooth connection works, your Fitbit vibrate with a fake phone call.

From here, you can click on Notifications in the General section on Android, or only Notifications in the case of the iPhone.

Within Notifications you can specify which applications you want that can send you alerts for text messages, calendar, emails, WhatsApp messages or any other.

Both on the iPhone and Android, you will find it in Settings> Notifications> Fitbit. Make sure all permissions are activated. If with any application you still have notification problems, return to the beginning of the tutorial and repeat the steps.

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