The Huawei Mate X reveals its new design in an unboxing

Huawei Mate X

This week it was confirmed that the Huawei Mate X is already being mass produced. The first folding phone of the Chinese brand launches later this month in China, while its international launch is expected to take place this year. Although at the moment we do not have specific dates for this launch.

The first unboxing of this phone is now official. Thanks to it we can see the design of this renewed Huawei Mate X. In addition to being able to see what will come in the phone case, which is something that also generates a lot of curiosity for users. Ready to see this design?

It has been said for weeks that this Huawei Mate X was going to have some changes, such as the change in cameras. This is official, since in this video we can see that the phone now has a fourth camera. So it gets a little closer to other models of the manufacturer, such as the P30 Pro or Mate 30 Pro in this regard.

On the other hand, we can see that the Chinese brand insert a case in the phone case. It is a case in which to store the phone when we are not using it. Although it is not a case to use, since it seems more like a kind of travel bag for the device. Also comes the phone charger in the box.

We can make an idea of ​​these changes that have been in the Huawei Mate X in this way, with this additional camera. At the moment we only know that this device will reach the market in China, which should happen this month. We do not have dates for its international launch.

We will have to wait for more news, but we look forward to it. Since this Huawei Mate X is one of the most anticipated devices on the market. Especially after the various delays he has suffered on its release. It seems that the brand's phone is closer than ever.

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