Difference between talent and skill

Each person has certain skills and talents, that makes us different from others. We often use the terms talent and skill interchangeably, without knowing the fact that they are different from each other. Meanwhile he talent It is an innate ability or natural aptitude of a person who is often hidden and needs recognition. It means being good in a certain activity, without really learning or acquiring it.

Unlike the ability, which is a learned skill, and can develop in someone if he / she puts their time and effort into it. Efforts should be voluntary, systematic and sustained, to acquire a skill and successfully perform various tasks and activities. In this excerpt from the article, you can find all the important differences between talent and skill, of which you may not be aware.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparison Talent Skill
SenseTalent is an inherent ability of a person to do something.Skill is the experience to do a particular task efficiently.
What is itIt is something that God dotted.It is something you develop.
Owned byFew people only.Anyone can own it through learning.

Talent definition

By the term talent, we refer to a special ability to do something that a person naturally possesses. It's something you do better without putting extra effort into it.

Talent is an innate quality within the person. It is often hidden and raw, which needs recognition at the right time. It can be improved over time if efforts are made in the right direction.

Each of us is born with a special quality; That is talent Not only in the field of study, a person can have talent to dance, sing, cook, play, act, swim, advise, influence, paint, etc. If you leave a child alone and free, get involved in the activity. He likes it better, or is the best. It often happens with many people that their talent remains unidentified due to the lack of adequate guidance, support and opportunity to show it.

Skill definition

Skills refer to a skill or experience in performing a task, obtained by a person through systematic learning, practice or experience. It is the result of continuous efforts and improvements made to obtain competition.

The ability allows you to perform a task efficiently. As there are no criteria to acquire skills, it can be practiced by anyone, but it requires a lot of work, time and other resources of the person to develop it.

It can be general or specific. General skills refer to the skills that people commonly acquire, such as leadership skills, teamwork, etc. On the other hand, specific skills are those that are related to the performance of a particular task or job.

Key differences between talent and skill

There are some differences between talent and skill that are explained in the following points:

  1. The term talent refers to an innate and a person's special ability to do something. A skill is an experience that is acquired by the person through learning.
  2. Talent is God's gifted ability, while Skill is a skill in which you dedicate your time and effort to develop.
  3. Talent is often possessed by a limited number of people. On the other hand, anyone can learn a particular skill, if they have the ability, the ability and the will.
  4. Talent is hidden, so it needs recognition. Unlike Skill, it requires development, which can only be possible through practice.
  5. Coaching can be useful to get the best of someone, that is, talent. On the contrary, training is necessary to acquire a skill, to put the best of you into something useful.


After reviewing the previous points, it is easy to affirm that talent differs from abilities in the sense that the former is inherited while the latter is acquired. Talent along with skills is considered a refined skill. If a person dominates his talent, then he can accomplish his life's goals easily and effectively.