How to delete WhatsApp messages sent before being read

It was in 2018 when the WhatsApp platform added a highly demanded feature by users: the ability to delete WhatsApp messages after they had been sent to the recipient or group of users.

Obviously, the process works only before the message has been read, since the instant messaging service cannot go back in time, at least for the moment.

However, if your message has been sent, delivered, but not read by the recipient, you can now delete it. There is a warning and you must act quickly: WhatsApp messages delivered can only be deleted up to 7 minutes after they have been sent.

To delete a message from WhatsApp, press and hold the message in question to select it. Then, press the delete icon and choose the Delete for all option if you sent it to a group of contacts.

Everything you need to know about deleting WhatsApp messages

The new functionality can prove to be a lifesaver on certain occasions, capable of rescuing you from the horror of writing or sending a message to a group you don't want or to the wrong person.

But it can also create some problems, because every time you delete a message that has not been read, WhatsApp places a bookmark in the conversation, notifying the recipient that a message has been deleted.

If you did not see this message, then you should know that you have probably arrived late and that the message has already been read without the possibility of being deleted before.

As you know, it is usually quite easy to know when WhatsApp messages have been read: by default, a single gray check next to the message indicates that it has been sent, while a double gray check marks that it was delivered.

Finally, the double check turns blue at the same time the message has been read by the recipient.

Another aspect that the WhatsApp platform has recently changed is that the time during which WhatsApp continue trying to delete the sent messages that you want to delete has been extended to 13 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

Although the elimination process should work instantaneously, if both parties have their phones turned on and are connected to the Internet, it may be the case that one of them is out of coverage or has run out of battery, which is why it will have retries of being eliminated.

How to delete a message sent from WhatsApp after the time limit

To delete a message sent from WhatsApp, you must give the instruction within seven minutes of its sending. So what happens if this time has elapsed? It turns out that @AndroidJefe Report a trick that can save you.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi and mobile data connection
  2. Go to Settings> Time and date settings and go back in time to an hour before the message is sent.
  3. Open WhatsApp again, search for the message in question, select it and touch the trash can icon and choose 'Delete for all'
  4. Activate the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data again and reset the local time and date so that the message is deleted on WhatsApp servers.

Finally, note that all versions of WhatsApp are affected by one or another vulnerability that could allow hackers to install spyware or malware on your device or gain access to your phone. We explain how to protect your WhatsApp account.