How to activate black and white mode on your Xiaomi

MIUI monochrome mode

Smartphones have become a tool that we have around us throughout the day, and, if we do not know how to manage the use we give it and the time we spend in front of it, it is something that can be harmful for our health. So much

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Today, we are going to show you how to activate the monochrome mode in a Xiaomi, so that, especially when it is night, you can be in front of the mobile without causing so much fatigue to your eyes, which will take you to rest better, let's see how it is done!

Activate monochrome mode on your Xiaomi

When it is night, we have little light around us and the screen of our mobile has the high brightness, we force the view, and in the long run it is something harmful to our health, and we should eliminate that habit. Luckily, it is easy to do it, since it is enough that we lower the brightness of our terminal.

Xiaomi Mi A3 black

But, in addition, Android gives us the possibility to modify the colors, and put the black and white screen of your mobile or tablet It is a habit worth taking to try to take care of our eye health.

From the quick settings

The first method to activate the monochrome mode on your Xiaomi mobile is extremely simple, since you just have to go to the notification curtain and expand the quick settings looking for the button "Grayscale". When you press it, the whole screen will lose color, and you will see everything in black and white.

Monochromatic Notifications

If you won't find this button in the quick settings, you may have to look for it among the quick settings that aren't shown. For it, click on "Edit" and take out the icon if it were inside. If not, you will have to activate the monochrome mode in the way that we are going to tell you next.

From developer settings.

This other method is also very simple. You must first activate the developer settings. For it:

  • Open Settings
  • Open “About phone”
  • Press repeatedly on the "MIUI Version"

color space

Now, developer options are already active, and you can access them from "Additional settings." Well, access the developer options and once there search “Simulate color space”. Once you have pressed this option, select "Monochromic", and the elements of your smartphone will appear in grayscale.

As you have seen, it is not a long process, quite the opposite, it does not take more than 5 minutes, and in return, you can be more comfortable when you look at your smartphone in low light around you.

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