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Last year, in the Chinese market, among others, the company Samsung presented a great resurgence; which was driven thanks to the Galaxy A series. The company presented a different approach by not only focusing on those Premium models for the A series; but also brought to the market low-end models and affordable models; giving the possibility to all types of public to interact with the Galaxy A series. The plan adopted was a success, so the company is intensifying its efforts this year. Some details of models such as the A51, the A71 and the Galaxy A81 have already been revealed. The renders of the Galaxy A81's case recently leaked through the internet.

Renders reveal that the Galaxy A81 presents a cudruple camera configuration on its back; The camera will be staying in a rectangular module. The camera module is located in the upper left corner of the rear panel. There is no possibility that the device has a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the Smartphone; since there is no cut for it.

The Galaxy A81 was seen with the model number SM-AN815F. It is said that the device has an optical pencil S Pen The Smartphone case did not reveal the bottom edge where it should be located; however, a cut at the lower edge can be distinguished wide enough to house a pencil. You don't have much information about the Galaxy A81; Nevertheless a rumor indicates that it will have a native internal storage of 128 GB. The list provided by eBay mentions that the case is also for the Galaxy M60; which means that both Smartphone can be sharing the same design. There is also the probability that the Smartphone is being sold as M60 in some markets.

We will have to wait for Samsung to reveal new details about the Galaxy A81 in the next few days. There are still many specifications and features to know. For any new information, we will be attentive to send it to you.

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