Liquid was detected in the iPhone Lightning connector: here the solution

Liquid was detected in the iPhone Lightning connector: here the solution

These notices appear when the iPhone detects that there is moisture in the Lightning port. Two alerts may appear. The first, when we connect our charger to the iPhone. The load is automatically deactivated. The second alert appears when you connect an accessory to the Lightning port, such as headphones or an adapter. Again, prevent them from using them so they don’t break down. Apple strongly recommends disconnecting the cable to prevent corrosion damage with the liquid on the charger or accessory pins. However, if you need to charge it urgently, you can disable the warning and the iPhone charge. Of course, it is best to follow these steps so that the alert disappears.

Lightly blow into the connector to remove water. Then, tap the bottom of the terminal and check for drops of water. Then, dry the frame with a dry towel or dry cloth. You can also leave the iPhone in areas with some power, and avoid storing it in a drawer or space where the air does not run. In this way the connector will dry quickly. Apple ensures that, after following these steps, it will be necessary to wait about 30 minutes until the connector dries and you can reload it as before.

If the problem persists, use a dryer with cold air and at a distance of about 30 centimeters. It is advisable to move the dryer slightly to the sides to also remove water from the speaker slots. Then dry the frame with a liquid cloth.

Apple warns that the connector can take up to 24 hours to dry completely. Thus, If you need to charge the iPhone and do not want to damage it, you can use the wireless charging. That’s right, you need a Qi charger. In addition to drying the back with a dry cloth.

The liquid alert on the connector appears, but my iPhone is not wet

If the message appears, but your iPhone has not been wet, you should restart the terminal and check that the warning has disappeared after turning it on again. You can also deactivate the warning and continue charging the terminal, although this is not recommended, because it could damage the charger or mobile, and remember that Apple does not cover the damage caused by liquids in the warranty. In the event that the warning continues to appear , You will have to take your iPhone to Apple’s technical service.

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