Digital lynchings will be part of a tomb in which we will all be stoned

What reason Ana Mara Olabuenaga had in her book Digital Lynchings -Editorial Planeta- that she published about two years ago. Sooner or later we will all be victims or executioners of those who throw the first stone to stone us digitally. It is not that there are no justifiable movements and causes. I am referring now to the social anthropology of the phenomenon of burning alive those who are stoned and lynched in their digital life, why are we doing this? No matter what they do, a bad joke, a politically incorrect comment, be pedophiles, criminals, feminazis, males, homophobes, heterosexuals or agnostics. Whether you are the opposition, the president or a cop. Who cares. What is indispensable is to throw stones, insults and attack those who attack others.

What's going on? The postmodern apocalypse. Since social networks gained strength in local and global content. That was when we all had access to smart phones. Since then. I left a dark of all sinister. As a kind of side B, a shadow we have never seen that way. Before, at the time of the inquisition, the social phenomenon was more localized. More regional. Burning alive a person who was not in the same sense as the moral wave of those who burned the unintegrated alive, the sick, the perverted, the misfits and the crazy. Today, everything is enhanced. With millions of repercussions per second. They are added in each phone and in each hand. The important thing is to lynch. The secondary is the analysis of why we want to lynch and stoned who to be attacked.

This is gradually unstoppable and we can all be digitally stoned. Take your precautions, because this has already started for a long time and we will not know how they will end. If you are in a brand or in the marketing guild, take it as a challenge and even a constant time to always be and be about to affect you in any comment. Be a latent and constant crisis. In the meantime, let's get rid of boring marketing and start living because we don't know if we'll be the next to be stoned. Everything can happen.

Tombstone digitally or be stoned

  1. Don't mind why. Take out your shadow, your worst inside and throw the digital stone. Shoot to kill. Take out your demons and say as low as you can say.
  1. Everyone can and should be stoned. When you do it, you will encourage another to do so, shortly, in chain and waterfall.
  1. Do not analyze. Never mind. Get the worst out of you. If you think about it, don't throw any stone to kill.
  1. Since you threw the first stone. Since you lynched digitally, don't you feel pleasure? Did you get everything? Your postmodern orgasm and your inner darkness are out. You spit your shadow.

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