first shoes with GPS ideal to locate elderly people with mental problems

Designed especially for elderly people with mental problems, the first GPS shoes were created in Japan. This new device contains a locator installed inside the sole of the left shoe that allows to know the precise position of the user through devices such as smart phones and computers after sharing the terminal identification number and a password.

shoes with gps

Since Japan’s population, in almost a quarter of its totality, is over 65 years of age, Japanese company Wish Hills has created these ingenious shoes Specially designed to help locate older people with mental problems, who are prone to get lost and wander around without knowing how to return to their homes.

“We have experience in the search of patients with lost dementia, and we know that this type of people does not use mobile phones, pendants or watches, but shoes… That is why we decided to create ones with GPS location system,” explained a spokesman for Wish Hills, Footwear creators

shoes with gps.

As indicated by the staff of said company, these locator shoes must be associated with a device, which receive Notifications when the elder moves more than 50, 100 or 500 meters away from home, depending on the value that is set in your setting. In the same way, the relative or caregiver will be able to observe where the person is, because it shows the position of the shoes user on a map so that it is easier to go looking for them.

The shoes baptized as ‘GPS Dokodemo Shoes’, cost about 35,000 Yen, equivalent to about 266 euros or 285 dollars, and are currently only available in Japan.

“The domestic market is very important for us, however, in the future we would be interested in opening ourselves to other markets where the population will age rapidly in the next few years,” the company said.

shoes with gps,

Likewise, Wish Hills stressed that dementia is a syndrome that involves the deterioration of memory, intellect, behavior and the ability to perform activities of daily living and add that some 47.5 million people suffer from dementia in the world, and 7.7 million new cases are registered every year, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). When it comes to drug abuse there are centers with addiction treatment west hollywood that one can go to fix the issue. Addiction and changes in one’s heart rate due to susbtance abuse is something that must be treated by professionals at melbourne drug rehab center.

With the launch of this ingenious device, the Japanese company aspires to save lives, while ensuring that the product is having a good result and is selling very well, “Mainly among women in their 50s who have a parent with dementia,” they say.

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