The final chapter of The Awakening of Galakrond arrives in Hearthstone

The Awakening of Galakrond Hearthstone

Hearthstone continues to introduce novelties in its popular card game and final chapter of The Awakening of Galakrond is now available to all players. After the Descent of the Dragons launched at the beginning of the year Blizzard premieres weeks ago The Awakening of Galakrond, and now It has just been announced that the final chapter of this adventure is now available.

In this fourth and last chapter the battle “moves to the heart of Dalaran, where the tension can be cut with a knife. After the battle area, the final confrontation is already underway and things do not look good for the Archivillano Rafaam and the League of EVIL. There is only one thing left to do, ”says this new official statement.

Play now the final chapter of The Awakening of Galakrond

To end this adventure, in the chapter of the League of the MAL it is narrated that they are besieging the Rafaam basin in the floating city that rob, so it is the perfect opportunity to carry out a master plan. On this occasion, users will play with Rakanishu and take care of the first battle, in addition to carrying out a cleverly crafted plan with subterfuges and strategies.

As part of that fourth chapter, the following four cards will be unlocked: Crazed Flying, Bum Team, Chaos Observer and Great Erkh lackey.

On the other hand, in the "Chapter of the Expeditionary League: Duel in Dalaran", the Expeditionary League is finally about to recover Dalaran. But with the present threat of the resurrection of Galakrond, we may not have time to beat Rafaam. Start with Paladn Karl, you will meet an old friend and maybe (and just maybe) you can save the world. And let's not forget Reno, maybe we can rescue him too. In this chapter the rewards are the following cards: Bombarbot, Fugitive Man Saber, Steel Alfazaque and Reno the Incredible.

The fourth chapter of the campaigns of the League of MAL and the League of Expeditionaries is already on sale for 6.99 euros or 700 gold coins from the game. In the same way, the pack of The Awakening of Galakrond is also available, with all chapters, for 19.99 euros.